Peruse the categories below to see which one(s) you want to apply for. You can apply for as many categories as you wish, but each category requires its own application and a separate application fee. Click here for a list of examples of suitable business types that are eligible for each category.


We are looking for the world’s best destinations with exceptional food and drink experiences. Why is your destination the best? Do you offer an outstanding food and drink culture? Do you hold any gastronomic events or do you have simply the best farmers markets? All organizations that function in a “tourism promotion” function are eligible to apply.


Food tours are all the rage, but some companies simply do a better job than others. Is your tour company one of the best? You might introduce visitors to food carts/trucks, wineries, breweries or even food factories. What makes your food tours the best? This category is open to both short and long-term food or beverage tours (i.e. a few hours or a few days). Tell us how you’re the best!


Cruises are a popular way to see many destinations at once. And cruises are renowned for lots of great food. Some cruise companies are focusing on local cuisine, others employ celebrity chefs, feature private dining rooms, offer cooking lessons and more. What makes your cruise experience extraordinary? Includes ocean, canal and harbor cruises (with an amazing food experience).


What makes your winery or tasting room so special out of the thousands in the world? Are your bottles recognized internationally or nationally? Perhaps you offer visitors fun, informative, and tasty tours of your vineyard and accompanying processes. Is your winemaker a character? Do you host special events, or work with the community? What makes your grapes shine?


Let us know why your brewery is out of the ordinary. What makes a visitor’s experience the best? Is it the type of brew you are making, the different seasonal flavors that keep people coming back? Perhaps you worked with a local artist to create a beautiful line of labels. What kind of food does your brewery offer, and why do visitors rave about it? Share your secrets and convince us you’re the best.


Of all the foodservice outlets in the world, some are better prepared than others to receive visitors. What makes your restaurant, cafe, food truck/cart or catering operation stand out above the rest in the overall visitor experience? Quality ingredients are a must. Do you source locally? Do you have an exemplary management ethic towards your employees that shows in their service to visitors?


We mean naturally a lodging experience where the food and beverage are out of this world. What makes the foodservice at your establishment so special? Is it the best traditional tea service in the world? A B&B recipe that’s 300 years old? The setting or ambiance? All of the above? If you have something special, tell us about it.


No matter if your medium is the written word, photography, or videos, you certainly have your finger on the pulse of what draws in readers and viewers. You’re not writing a Top 10 list or reviewing restaurants. You’re drilling deep, meeting the characters behind the local culinary culture. If this sounds like you, we want to know about you! Bloggers please see the next category.


Blogging is a new kind of food journalism, and we think it deserves its own category. Here we’re specifically talking about writing, but you might also include some photography. How does your writing inspire readers to follow you? Why are your articles consistently popular? Do you win frequent awards? If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply.


Farms and farmers’ markets are a special category. Without great agriculture, we wouldn’t have great cuisine. We don’t mean retail or grocery stores in this category. Instead, this category is all about the farms. What is it about your farm experience that consistently makes your farm or market one of the most popular? More than that, what is so exceptional about your farm or farmers’ market that makes it world class?


Many industry professionals overlook the importance of this category for foodies. We love to explore grocery, gourmet and beverage stores all around the world! It’s the excitement of discovering new foods, new products and new ways of doing things. Food travelers love to explore. Do you represent a store that brings your local area to life? Is your store consistently popular with travelers? Tell us why.


Not only do we love to cook, we love learning how to cook (and about wine and other beverages). It’s a great way to meet the locals and find out about their cooking techniques, recipes and kitchen culture dating back sometimes hundreds of years. If your school or class is consistently popular with travelers, we’d love to hear why. This category includes not just cooking, but beverage education courses as well.


This is a special category reserved for exemplary models of events and festivals. where food and beverage are the main focus (charity events that might offer good food and drink aren’t eligible). Emphasis on the area’s culinary culture is also important.

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