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Is there an entry fee and if so, how much?

Yes, all categories except destinations are US$105 to enter, while destinations are US$255 because their entries take much more time to process.

Why is there an entry fee?

We charge a modest fee for each application to cover the cost of the physical awards for the winners, the cost of the software license that manages the application and review process, and a small stipend for the time of each of our expert judges.

How does our business apply for an awards category?

Just click on Apply Now in the top navigation bar.

What if our business type doesn't match a category? Can we still apply?

If your business type does not fit neatly within one of our awards categories, but you’re not sure, feel free to contact us at help(at)worldfoodtravel(dot)org (or click the blue floating Help button in the lower right). Tell us briefly about your business and the category we’re consdiering. We’ll let you know if you are eligible.

How are the judges selected?

Judges are selected from a pool of industry experts. Each judge is an expert in at least one of the included categories and most likely, already known in their industry. We also look at past judging experience, and research the judge’s track record of integrity and ethics. If a judge is presented an application that may represent a conflict of interest, he/she is required to withdraw from judging that application. All judges are sworn to secrecy regarding specific applicants and their applications.

How can you judge the excellence of my business or area without visiting it in person?

Paying a visit to every business that applies is simply not feasible both from the cost of time and money it would take to do so. Our judges are experienced professionals. They may have already experienced your business or destination at some point in the past and may be somewhat familiar with it already. Nevertheless, it is up to you to convince the judges why your application is the best in the given category. You can and should submit as much evidence as possible that can make the case for you without a site visit. Include videos, photos, brochures, PDFs, journalist articles, customer reviews, even a VR tour, whatever you think will give your business the best chance of winning!

Why is the application fee for destinations higher than other business types?

For the simple reason that it takes about twice as long to review the application for a destination than it does for a business. A destination marketing organization might submit an annual strategy or marketing plan document. It might present multiple campaigns or programs that need to be reviewed. The extra cost is to pay for the extra time of our judges.

How can you ensure that judging is consitent by different individuals?

Judges are furnished with a checklist of criteria. At its very simplest, we ask, is this a world-class experience? Would it serve as a good role model for other businesses in this category? Would visitors be impressed? Our checklist is worded and structured in such a way as to prevent judges from allowing personal opinion and bias into their reviews. Applications are also reviewed by at least two judges. A judge can also trigger a special review by our Management Team if the judge thinks it is warranted.

Can we edit or add to our application after submitting it?

You’ll be able to edit your application until you submit your entry, after which time, no alterations can be made.

Can we see the application questions before we submit ours online?

We will provide a draft list of questions by the time the applications open on January 1. Until then, please consider the following questions guidelines:

How is your business or destination a world-class experience in its category? How does it inspire travelers to visit? How your business or destination serve as a role model for other businesses around the world in the category in which you are applying?

What evidence can you provide to substantiate your above claims? You can include articles, photos, videos and links to those, website and social media addresses, PDF brochures, customer testimonials, etc. Whatever will help make your case about the excellence of your business or destination.

What if our business could apply in multiple categories? Which one(s) should we choose?

If you think your business could fit in more than one category, it is up to you which category or categories you will apply for. Each application must be submitted separately and requires payment of a separate application fee for each category. If you only choose 1 category, be sure to choose the one that is the most logical fit, and for which you have the most convincing evidence.

Still need help? Send us a note!

Click the blue Help button in the lower right to start a conversation or email us at help(at)worldfoodtravel(dot)org.

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